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IT Transformation

IT organisations face a number of significant challenges - rising stakeholder expectations, flat or declining budgets, the pressure to do more with less, more complex and stringent regulations and the continual emergence of new technologies.

To achieve optimum performance, an organization must identify which IT capabilities are most critical to success, shaping the environment, infrastructure, processes and resources to support the requirements of the business in the most cost effective way possible.

MTI has extensive experience with IT transformation programs; we have helped many clients improve the performance of their IT function through cultural, process and technology review and continuous improvement programs.

Our approach to IT transformation is holistic. We try to work with our clients to identify a number of quick wins in the initial stages of the program, to help fund investment and demonstrate an ROI as early as possible.  In our experience, our clients demonstrate a full ROI in within 12-18 months.

Additional benefits of our IT transformation approach may include:

  • Closer alignment and synergy between IT and the business
  • Increased IT efficiency and effectiveness
  • Improvement of Quality of Service (QOS)
  • A reduction in IT costs of 30%
  • Improved ROI of IT investments
  • Reduced risk through surety of compliance
  • Resources and budgets focused on strategic projects
  • Faster time-to-market for application and service delivery
  • Planning and effective execution of IT integration through M&A activities

MTI’s experience helps clients rapidly achieve high-value results, balancing the achievement of longer-term goals with quick wins. Most MTI clients that adopt our transformation approach should expect reductions of 20-30% of their overall IT costs within 12-18 months.  In addition, we expect our clients to experience increased IT agility, flexibility and faster time-to-market for new applications and services.

Some of the reasons our clients choose MTI include:

  • Our experience – over 25 years across public, social and private market sectors
  • Value through people, solutions and services
  • Over 2,600 contracts and over 1,800 clients
  • Global organisation with a European base across UK, France & Germany
  • A personal, tailored approach to IT transformation to support your business, forming a mutual plan that addresses short, medium and long-term requirements
  • We help our clients make the right choices and investment decisions, with measurable results with direct, tangible business values
  • Our team of experienced consultants include experts on strategy, transformation and implementation, committed to service excellence and continuous improvement
  • We care about your business as if it was our own

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