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Cloud Readiness Assessment (CRA)

Whether in public, social or private market sectors, most organisations are investing or planning to invest in Cloud solutions and services. 

Providing clarity to help you on your journey to the cloud

The hype around cloud services can make it difficult to know where to start, to understand the real benefits these services can deliver and to select the appropriate service from the myriad of choices available today. MTI’s Cloud Readiness Assessment (CRA) provides clarity on how to start the journey to the cloud, to become a cloud-enabled organization. 

Through a comprehensive assessment and discovery service, MTI will help to determine the key challenges that need to be overcome, identify immediate business, technical, operational, service and security goals and objectives and resource requirements to establish a plan that will underpin the next stage of business transformation and provide strong return on investment (ROI).

MTI addresses four key areas of the business:

  • Strategy & Organisation
  • Architecture & Infrastructure
  • Applications & Technologies
  • Process & Automation

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