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Data Erasure Service

There has never been greater pressure on the Enterprise to ensure that ALL corporate data is protected, controlled and out of the hands of unauthorised parties. MTI has recognised that companies need to have complete confidence that any data stored on any storage medium has been completely deleted from any device they choose to part-exchange or dispose of. MTI has many years of experience in storage technology and is trusted by hundreds of customers to support and maintain their disk-based storage systems.

How can MTI help?

MTI has introduced a service that allows companies to be absolutely assured that any data remaining on disk-based storage systems is erased completely and irretrievably from any storage media that is due for disposal or recycling. This service offering uses an industry-leading data-erasure technology, in the form of Blancco, which is the global leader in professional data erasure and end-of-lifecycle solutions and provides the industries most-certified erasure software.

Scope of service

The MTI Data Erasure Service permanently wipes all data from a storage device up to RESTRICTED, CONFIDENTIAL, SECRET and TOP SECRET levels, for the media types below that are storing data at Impact Levels BIL0 to BIL6 inclusive.

The software used by the Erasure Service erases all hidden/locked areas on a disk such as DCO, HPA and remapped sectors. Enhanced hard disk support guarantees high-speed simultaneous erasure of multiple HDD. Once the hard disks are cleaned, the software automatically generates a detailed erasure report with Hardware Asset Management information that meets and exceeds governmental regulatory requirements. The software is approved at both Lower and Higher Overwriting Standards (refer to HMG Information Assurance Standard No.5) and is CESG Certified and approved for UK Government use.

What are the benefits to your organisation?

The MTI Data Erasure Service offers a number of clear benefits:

1. CESG Certified – UK Government approved.
2. UK Support with Helpdesk.
3. Guarantee of Erasure.
4. Full audit trail with digitally signed certificates and reports.
5. Erasure of remapped and bad sectors.

On-site or off-site – it’s your choice:

MTI offers the Data Erasure Service in two different formats. If the disks to be erased cannot leave customer site, MTI will despatch an engineer to site who will use the appropriate equipment to erase the chosen disks within the datacentre. The alternative process involves MTI collecting the disks from customer site by secure courier and carrying out the erasure process at MTI’s facility in Godalming in Surrey.

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