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IT transformation and the impact of data protection

By Garry Menezes, Solutions Architect at MTI - 21 December 2015

IT Transformation continues to be something of a double-edged sword for businesses as increased opportunities also bring a new set of challenges for today’s CIO - particularly when it comes to data security and the rise of mobile. Gone are the days when simple Internet, LAN and PC based models were able to meet data security requirements. Instead, we are seeing the emergence of a new data security platform predominantly based in the cloud and more geared toward ensuring data is kept safe regardless of how it is being accessed or whether the device used is the property of the organisation or the individual.

Getting to grips with cloud-service centric data management will therefore be critical if organisations are to succeed in providing adequate data protection across the business. However, EMC’s recently published Global Data Protection Index found that 87% of organisations are behind the curve when it comes to data security measures. More surprisingly, while 54% of the 3,000 organisations surveyed globally felt data security was hardest to ensure on mobile devices, 80% confessed to having no recovery plan should mobile apps go down.

To ensure data remains secure as the IT Landscape evolves, organisations need to make sure there is adequate protection across all platforms and consumption models. With ‘bring your own device’ approaches becoming increasingly common and mobile-based apps become more intrinsic to daily working practices, it would be easy to try and address this issue as an isolated priority. However, the DPI also highlighted that over two thirds of organisations that have more than one data protection vendor in place, experience more disruption compared with those that have a single vendor strategy. Simply addressing each security issue in silo is therefore not the answer.

In today’s organisations the applications based on big data and analytics are typically the ones driving business success and are therefore crucial for organisations wanting to innovate. The challenge here is that these applications typically require a greater degree of user access and management and are predominantly mobile first. Organisations are therefore turning to vendors who can offer improved security while retaining increased agility and control over applications.  

Ultimately, organisations are looking to manage costs and innovate, while mitigating risk. Where this may previously have been the IT Departments sole concern, the level of business critical impact data security can have means the boardroom is becoming increasingly involved. To that extent, EMCs Data Protection Software Portfolio not only helps customers protect their data more effectively wherever it may reside in their IT environment, it presents a clear business rationale that will put the mind of even the most skeptical CIO at rest.

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