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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Delivering high availability of IT services to meet revenue growth targets is challenging enough. Re-enabling your IT teams to evaluate and assess new technology areas such as BYOD or Big Data, to deliver new services is often left as desirable options. With MTI’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service, businesses are able to replace expensive, on-premise systems with solutions more tuned to achieving business goals.

Whether it’s consolidating in-house systems to reduce cost or achieve business agility by deploying cloud applications, MTI Infrastructure-as-a-Service, architected to be flexible, scalable and high performing, delivers a secure, resilient platform to help customers realise targeted revenue streams and explore profit opportunities.


MTI Infrastructure-as-a-Service provides a solution that is tailored to fulfil your specific requirements and managed by highly qualified and accredited technical experts. With customers saving as much as 25% by complementing their in-house IT with an Infrastructure-as-a-Service for certain workloads, applications can be deployed faster, gaining competitive advantage.

Starting with a consultative approach to uncover both specific needs and identify hidden costs, MTI will architect around compute, storage, security, data recovery and networking that best complement your needs.  Acting as a logical extension of your business, you are released from the pressures of maintaining infrastructure, often disrupting business functions, refreshing platforms, avoiding unnecessary capital expenditures and meeting compliance regulations, reducing risk to your business.

Challenges & Issues

Transformation of IT to realise new opportunities is not easy.

Businesses are increasingly looking at evaluating new platforms such as Infrastructure-as-a-Service to reduce complexity and cost of running their business.   Whether this  cost reduction is in capital expenditure in IT infrastructure, responding to the global economic downturn or the rising cost of power and cooling of data centres, all this affects operating margin. 

Application development is seen as key to support revenue streams and create profit opportunities.  With Infrastructure-as-a-Service to help deliver IT as they need it for application development, high availability of platforms that are agile, flexible and secure are just some of the main stays business leaders are all looking for.  By no longer needing to worry about underlying infrastructure supporting this development, business can focus on their growth strategy.

And finally there is the concern around security.  Today, in a world that has adopted the concept of cloud computing much like utility services such as water and electricity, organisations understand the benefits available but do not trust their business with this approach.  To help bridge the gap, businesses are looking to find a trusted advisor who will understand their specific needs, provide options that will deliver a secure environment and help realise tangible business benefits.

MTI Expertise

MTI has the expertise to understand your business requirements and challenges and will work with you to design and implement an infrastructure that technically deliver business advantage on attractive commercial terms.  By adhering to ITIL guidelines. MTI performs a continual performance assessment and risk analysis of your whole IT environment to ensure you are maximising your IT investment in your infrastructure, with your business becoming smarter and more agile.

Please contact MTI to learn more about how to maximise the benefits of Infrastructure-as-a-Service tailored to your needs. 

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