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Managed Services

As business technology continues to experience a fundamental change, the role of the CIO and IT Leader is evolving, to face new challenges and take on new roles. The most successful not only recognise and adapt to these changes but embrace them. A significant contributor to this change is the explosion of data, a result from the rise in mobile and the cloud, forcing the role of the IT department to become more closely aligned to the business. As well as a challenge, this should be seen as a great opportunity for CIOs, IT Leaders and their teams to mitigate risk and deliver more value than ever before, as technology has never played a more influential role in the business than it does today.

Accelerating IT transformation

There are many challenges that MTI Managed Services will help to address, such as; supporting the growing need for IT agility; strengthening relationships and reputation by improving the customer experience; improving financial management of IT budgets; balancing data access with security; bridging the skills gap through utilisation of experienced resources, as a virtual extension to your team, to ensure competitive advantage through innovation and adoption of the latest solutions, services and trends.

Your cloud, your way

With users demanding immediate and secure access to data, cloud has become a mainstream technology that is high on the C-Level Agenda. Through ‘your cloud, your way’ MTI offers flexible, CapEx, OpEx and utility-based contract options across private, hosted, public and hybrid cloud environments. Solutions and services include, but are not limited to; Global Service Management, Global Service Desk, Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Data Protection-as-a-Service, with end-to-end secure management and protection of applications, data, infrastructure, environment, people, policies and processes. 

At MTI, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.  Our team of experienced and highly skilled consultants take the time to understand the specific application and security requirements, business technical, operational challenges and objectives of an organisation and its people.  We then tailor the appropriate solution and service contracts to meet immediate and long-term goals, strategic and financial objectives.

Contact us today to explore how managed services can help you and your team accelerate your business transformation, through best use of innovative IT solutions and services and smart utilisation of resources…

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