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CES (Cyber Essentials Scheme)

MTI provides a Cyber Essentials service with everything you need to achieve CREST accredited Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

Cyber Essentials LogosCES is broken down in two stages, CES stage 1 and CES + (sometimes called Stage 2)

Stage 1 entails you completing a questionnaire and submitting it to MTI for scoring and your external network undergoing a Vulnerability Scan. If not issues exist, then a pass certificate is immediately awarded; however, if issues are present that result in a fail, you will receive a detailed report outlining then issues and advising on remediation and of course the tester is available to discuss the issues in detail to ensure you understand them. Our service currently provides unlimited retests until you obtain a pass.

CES+ (Stage 2 is conducted onsite at your office and involves performing a Build Review of a sample of Work Stations and Servers, checking if email, web filtering is effective and also reviewing your host based antivirus / malware solution. A sample of mobile devices will also be reviewed to ensure that are correctly configured and up-to-date.

MTI consultants will support the process from start to finish including assisting in completing the self-assessment questionnaire, conducting the tests and offering support for the remediation steps required to achieve a pass.

Generally most orgnaisations will undergo CES stage 1 testing before they undergo Stage 2 but they can be tested in any order or at the same time; however, CES+ accreditation cannot be awarded until CES Stage 1 has been passed.

Our CES services include

Service Element


CES Plus

External Vulnerability Assessment

(unlimited retests)


Reviewing your self-assessment submission



Onsite WorkStation and Server Reviews



Onsite Mobile Device Assessment



Anti-Malware / antivirus Testing



Reporting & Pass Certificate



Support and Guidance



Special Offer;

  • CES 1 - Unlimited retests for all CES Stage 1 assessment.

We recognise that most organisations who need CES testing may not be experienced with ordering or scoping Penetration Tests, so we offer a set price and online payment option for CES stage 1 testing:

  • CES Stage 1 – Questionnaire and External Scan for up to 50 IP addresses: £900
  • CES+ Stage 1 & CES+ testing for 5 internal hosts, 2 mobile devices and filtering assessment: £2000

Alternatively, if we are conducting a larger testing project for you we can incorporate CES+ testing at no extra charge if the same hosts are being reviewed.

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