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The traditional datacentre has long since passed into memory. Gone are the days of defined perimeters. Yet the new world of data anywhere has created significant issues for those seeking to protect organisations from cyber-attacks. 

In fact, many would argue that complete cyber protection is impossible, and recent breaches of secure government sites would appear to support that. There are after all, two types of companies: those who have been hacked, and those who don’t yet know they have been hacked.

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Penetration Testing Protect Detect Remediate Consultancy Services (IRM)

Creating a resilient framework for cyber security

There is a need to acknowledge that if prevention is impossible, then perhaps we should alter the focus of security. Focusing efforts on the detection, and remediation of breaches, with the specific aim of mitigating the risk and damage of such attacks, is a strategy worth investing in. 

Security is not a single project or event. Organisations should be reviewing their security framework, including process, people, and solutions, on a continuous basis. This would make investment decisions based on past events and plans.

Protection, Detection, RemediationProtect, detect, remediate

MTI has assisted hundreds of organisations, of all sizes, and across many industry sectors, to review the current state of their cybersecurity defence. We focus on designing specific solutions to meet the business needs and objectives of your organisation.

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