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Software-defined datacentre (SDDC)

The software-defined datacentre (SDDC) extends the virtualisation concepts of abstraction, pooling, and automation to all of the datacentre’s resources – compute, storage, networking, security, and availability services. Regarded as a fundamental element in building the future of IT, software-defined datacentres deliver improved efficiencies, increased agility, better control over application availability, and security through policy-based governance. Although not every organisation is ready for such a big transformation, the software-defined approach is certainly driving people to think differently about how we build modern datacentres. Regardless of where you are on the journey, MTI can help to deliver a secure software-defined strategy that is right for your business.

The next big thing in IT

Organisations across the public and private sectors have been steadily consolidating their IT infrastructures, as they seek improved efficiency and better performance. While this activity will undoubtedly continue, many organisations are now setting their sights on the next big thing – the software-defined datacentre (SDDC).

In a software-defined datacentre, an organisation’s entire infrastructure is virtualised. This empowers the integration of compute, storage, network, and security solutions, and enables you to deliver IT as a service. In turn, this allows IT departments to keep pace with growing business and technology demands, and to achieve the speed and agility that IT users require.

The secure software-defined datacentre

Experts in automation, network, compute, storage, and security, MTI works with its clients to automate and fundamentally change the way that they manage their IT infrastructures. We do this through the delivery of secure software-defined datacentres (SSDDC) that:

  • Help you to ensure strong alignment between your IT and business objectives
  • Offer the balance of performance, capacity, and availability demanded by your critical business applications
  • Deliver simple and cost-effective test & development environments with management and delivery services to reduce application overheads
  • Drive improved efficiencies and cost saving for your business
  • Turn large volumes of commodity servers  into a high-performance, low cost infrastructure
  • Protect your data, infrastructure, and environment, and detect and, if necessary, remediate against intrusions

Want to discover how your organisation can benefit from a secure software-defined datacentre? Contact MTI today.

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The secure software-defined datacentre

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