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Data protection

Organisations are losing as much as $1.7 trillion each year through data loss and unplanned downtime. In fact, of the 64 per cent of organisations that suffered a data disruption in the last 12 months, the average loss was 2.33TB – that is the equivalent of 24 million emails. The average cost is in excess of $1 million. While most organisations agree that data protection is ‘totally critical’ to their success, many feel challenged when protecting newer workloads, and are struggling to cope with exploding data volumes.

The importance of data protection

The EMC Data Protection Index found that 64 per cent of IT professionals believe that data protection is ‘totally critical’ to the success of their organisation. Over 70 per cent, though, were not fully confident in their ability to restore all their data following a disruption. This lack of confidence stems, in part, from the growing pressure that IT departments are facing because of rapidly growing data volumes. New workloads, such as big data, mobile, and hybrid cloud, though, are also causing challenges.

The causes of IT disruptions are varied, and include; hardware or software failure, loss of power, data corruption, accidental user error, deliberate employee sabotage, and security breaches. The consequences are equally wide ranging. With 45 per cent of IT professionals reporting that their business is significantly impacted if IT is down for just 15 minutes, data protection has never been more important.

Data protection’s new role

Data protection can do more than reduce risks and costs. It can drive business agility by enabling you to spend less time worrying about whether your data is protected, and more time adding business value. First, though, you need to be confident that all your critical data – no matter where it is stored and how it is generated – is protected.

MTI has over 25 years of experience helping organisations to design and deploy effective data protection strategies, enabling them to minimise the risk of data loss, data theft, and unplanned downtime. We can help you to:

  • Manage an integrated data protection strategy and maintain a level of visibility and control for application users
  • Evaluate gaps in your existing data protection strategy that may emerge from disparate vendor solutions
  • Match your data protection strategy with the availability and protection requirements for your tiers of applications and data
  • Make sure that you have in place an appropriate data protection strategy for all your workloads, including hybrid cloud, big data, and mobile

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