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Converged Infrastructure

There are many challenges facing today’s datacentres – the growth of data and data analytics, the rise of cloud computing, the growing importance of IT across all aspects of the organisation, to name but a few. Studies suggest that organisations today spend over 70% of their IT budgets on infrastructure maintenance, leaving little room for innovation. With more and more pressure to increase IT agility and help drive business revenue, it’s easy to see why IT departments are fast reaching breaking point. MTI’s secure reference architecture takes your infrastructure to a new level of performance, reliability, and agility, helping you on the path to the private cloud.

Datacentre consolidation

Many traditional datacentres are made up of silos, with each application running on its own infrastructure, which is often provided by different technology vendors. As datacentre sprawl continues, this has led to a drastic increase in IT complexity. In turn, this creates big challenges for IT departments when it comes to management, security, scalability, and cost efficiency.

One increasingly popular approach to overcome these challenges is to implement converged infrastructure solutions. These solutions bring together hardware components in a purpose-built configuration, and enable IT departments to devote more time to activities that drive improved business outcomes.

MTI has joined forces with the industry’s leading providers of IT infrastructure to offer a secure reference architecture that delivers all of the benefits of a converged infrastructure solution, while providing a greater choice in individual stack components.

Accelerating your journey to the cloud

MTI’s secure reference architecture, HCI, accelerates the deployment of private cloud environments. Built with best-of-breed technologies, it enables faster deployment, more simplicity, greater choice, higher efficiency, and lower risk. Validation by MTI ensures predictable performance, and enables you to select technology that leverages your existing IT infrastructure while eliminating planning, sizing, and configuration burdens.

MTI overcomes the traditional stumbling blocks associated with private cloud deployments by delivering solutions that are defined as secure reference architectures and, as such, have been tested, sized, and proven to scale and deliver the performance and protection that your business needs.

Contact MTI to discover more about MTI’s converged infrastructure and secure reference architecture solutions today.

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