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Your business advantage depends on your ability to be more flexible, agile, and cost effective than your competitors. Day-to-day business operations require a delicate balancing act. Competing requirements put IT organisations under pressure to address real-time business needs and initiatives while providing more immediate, quality services to meet the growing demand from users. Increasing demand on already burdened IT infrastructure constrains the flexibility and agility of an organisation, and makes running the business cost effectively a real challenge.

A new approach to IT

Smart IT leaders recognise that improving operational efficiency requires a new approach. That is why many companies are moving away from individual infrastructure components (server, network, and storage) to integrated systems, whether physical or virtual, or a combination of both. By viewing infrastructure as a fully integrated and managed computing system, IT organisations can go beyond simple convergence to deliver the benefits of centralised, service-oriented infrastructure to their business users.

This holistic approach addresses the top priorities of senior executives and IT leaders, enabling them to instantly harness the power of their infrastructure and respond to the increasing demands of a dynamic, rapidly evolving market. These priorities include; improving service and application time to value and time to market; supporting the priority strategies of the business such as implementing big data, analytics, cloud and mobile initiatives; delivering business and operational efficiencies and reduced costs.

Simplify and automate routine tasks

Traditional blade servers and virtualisation solutions address some of these priorities, but they also create new problems for IT operations. The innovative and proven design of MTI’s compute solutions deliver; cost efficiency, agility, and flexibility beyond that which traditional blade and rack servers provide. By addressing the real problems that your IT leaders and senior executives face, we can help your IT organisation reap the benefits of a simplified, unified infrastructure.

MTI’s compute solutions deliver; on-demand resource allocation; help eliminate application silos; simplify routine tasks which helps manage costs and complexities; ensure shorter time to value from raw data analysis to business decisions with optimum application performance; improved operational efficiencies which means resources are focused on more valuable projects for the business.

IT needs to become more closely and strategically aligned with the business, rather than be viewed as a cost centre. By delivering agility, flexibility, performance and scale to meet business initiatives through intelligent, service-oriented infrastructure underpins this objective. 

Contact us today to explore how implementing MTI’s compute solutions can help you and your team secure and deliver business advantage.

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